Following recent reports of government officials considering a “hard stop” on National Guard deployments on June 24, lawmakers are seeking to remediate a decision that could deny federal benefits to servicemembers one day before the 90-day eligibility period.

“The National Guard COVID-19 Earned Benefits Guarantee Act” co-sponsored by Congressmen Jimmy Panetta, Mikie Sherrill, and Peter King seeks to remediate this potential decision that could affect over 40,000 Guardsmen.

“Since the early days of this pandemic, National Guard members have stepped up, stepped forward, and stepped into our communities to help serve us and fight this disease.  Any purposeful plan to end their orders a day short so that they don’t receive their proper benefits undermines their service and our security,” said Congressman Panetta in a press release.

The bipartisan legislation was cosponsored by 36 lawmakers and is endorsed by The Reserve Officers Association and the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States.

Photo by Army Sgt. Seth