COVID-19, the disease resulting from the SARS-COV-2V-2 virus has not only affected our global health, but dramatically impacted our work productivity and effectiveness of our education system by hampering our ability to occupy indoor facilities. To facilitate a more consistent return to a workspace and classroom environment Synexis® has developed a proven solution to mitigate both airborne and surface-contaminating microbes from the moment of their introduction.

Invented by a former Army Chemical Corps officer and Licensed Professional Chemical Engineer, Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) technology provides prophylactic 24/7/365 reduction of bacteria, viruses and mold in occupied spaces. DHP Technology uses ambient humidity and oxygen to continuously generate DHP and release it into the air facility wide. DHP, a completely non-aqueous form of hydrogen peroxide, is a true gas and exhibits near-ideal gas behavior becoming part of the air moving through the facility in the same manner as oxygen and nitrogen.

At 10 parts per billion, just 1/100th of the OSHA safety limit, DHP is within acceptable safety thresholds for use in occupied spaces. DHP is easily managed by human lung enzymes of the Lactoperoxidase system, which maintain an equilibrium of hydrogen peroxide in our lungs 2,400 times greater than the number of DHP molecules in the air at 10 ppb.

Even at this low concentration, however, DHP is effective. At 10 ppb, there are 250 billion DHP molecules in every cubic centimeter of air, and polar DHP molecules are actively drawn to vulnerable polar functional groups on viruses and other microbes.

Operationally, DHP provides a continuous point of risk countermeasure to the SARS-COV-2V-2 virus, as it is released by the exhalation of an infected individual. This means that a virus cloud, once released, is acted upon cubic centimeter by cubic centimeter as it migrates from its source. This is in stark contrast to the action of static air purifiers, filtration systems, and UV-C lights, which require that the virus be directed to these stationary sources before it can be addressed.

Synexis® DHP technology is currently being used in Federal Facilities, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Daycare facilities, restaurants, on offshore oil platforms, and by World/National Championship teams in both Major League Baseball and the NFL. Kansas State University, the first university to adopt DHP technology, has seen meaningful impact to the COVID-19 rate in the student population.

Synexis® is partnering with Trane®, an industry leader in indoor environmental quality, to include its technology in Trane’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services. As with any technology, Synexis® solutions need to be considered within the entire context of your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) strategy and evaluated against factors that can impact deployment. A Trane® IAQ expert can help you assess the needs of your building and determine if Synexis® or another approach maybe most effective.

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