The military has reported five more COVID-19 deaths, bringing the number to 67 since August, Military Times reported.

About 97% of active duty troops are at least partially vaccinated, and about 84% are fully vaccinated, the Pentagon said Tuesday. But only 60% of the total force is fully vaccinated when reservists and Guard members are included.

The services have established separate deadlines, the first of which is less than three weeks away:

  • Nov 2: Active duty Air Force
  • 28: Active duty Navy and Marines
  • 15: Active duty Army
  • 28: Navy and Marine reserve
  • June 30: Army reserve and National Guard

A service member is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after finishing their shots.

The Archbishop for the Military Services USA said this week that Catholics should have the freedom to opt out of the vaccine mandate.

“[N]o one should be forced to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if it would violate the sanctity of his or her conscience,” Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio wrote in an open letter, saying those who choose not to get the shots “must continue to act in charity for their neighbors and for the common good” through other mitigation measures.

Navy photo by Deidre Smith

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